The "Rava della Giumenta Bianca" also called "Direttissima" is a very popular classic alpinistic pathway to hike the summit of Mount Amaro, the highest peak of the Maiella. It starts from Fonte Fredda up the slope towards the Colle della Croce and then traverse to the left until you reach the remains of an great avalanche; the route is steep but the slope is never excessive, it needs to pay close attention to the snow conditions ... the hundreds of trees felled in the woods at the bottom of the valley are a very explicit signal. I am with a friend of mine, Christian Ghini and together we have chosen to hike also the difficult stretch that from about 2,400 meters of altitude rises to a channel directed towards the summit, instead of deviating to the right for the classic winter line that instead we will choose to downhill. The last 200 meters of ascent are the most challenging and the slope is more pronounced until it reachs 45°. The panorama that you can see and the wild environment make the ascent very pleasant, even if it goes up a straight line from the bottom of the Rava to the wide summit ridge that then leads to the summit cross in a few minutes. The "Bivacco Pelino" is covered in the west by a thick layer of "Galaverna" that makes it look like a spaceship for the particular shape that ice has taken. Fortunately for us the door is free and we are able to enter to rest for a few minutes...

Finally I found my "Perfect Photo"

To observe the appennine skyline from Monte Amaro leaves me breathless every time, we can see all the high peaks of Abruzzo and my eyes look for the Velino followed immediately to the east by Sirente and Monte Ocre; the Aterno valley separates them from the "Gran Sasso d'Italia", with its 2,912 meters of altitude, dominates the other peaks of the massif. The Brancastello the Infornace the Prena and the other peaks are covered with snow, but it's able to distinguish perfectly despite the conditions are now changed ... gray and threatening clouds advise us to start the descent. The Maiella is amazing and once reached the bottom of the valley we can see the sun in the trees before getting in the car and it will give us a wonderful sunset